General Management Pathway

Business Management and Administration Pathway

"General Management Pathway"

Debra Heyward-White

There are two major courses offered under this in General Management and Accounting and Entrepreneurship. Students can select one additional course to complete their career track. One career path can include but is not limited to Integrated Business Application or Administrative Support Technology.

Students can become certified Microsoft Office Specialists after completing courses in General Management. This certification is recognized nationally and demonstrates the student's ability, knowledge, and skills in Microsoft Office. MOS certification will advance career opportunities in a competitive work environment and prepare students for college. MOS certification will also attract employers looking at a resume because it lets hiring managers know this person is trained and equipped in Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint

Students are encouraged students to participate in General Management. General Management courses prepare students to become business owners, CEOs, Certified Public Accountants, managers in retail, financing, sales, marketing, money management, and many other opportunities available in the job market. General Management courses will give the student a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to start and operate a business.