Career And Technology Education: STEM is Part of the Ridgeland Secondary Academy of Excellence

What are the children learning there?

  • Middle and High School: Students will participate in school-wide STEM activities on a rotating schedule during our student activity period. In Hardeeville, The STEM activity will occur every 2nd week of our 4-week activity schedule. The high school activity period is between the 2nd and 3rd blocks. The period is set at 30 minutes. Hats off to Hardeeville Junior and Senior High (HJSH) 9th Grade Scholars! These young scholars are also preparing to become future scientists. Our scholars are preparing to model STEM in action! Way to go, HJSH 9th Grade Scholars. Our students remain focused on improving their skill set. Doing so will allow them to choose their career path! What is STEM? CLICK ON THIS LINK TO FIND OUT.

  • I deliberately did not include what the school district thinks STEM IS. We must understand how advanced the educational opportunities extended to our students fit with the industry's need for fully qualified individuals to work in this field. JCSD IS DOING IT.

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